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Booking | Cancellation

Is my booking confirmed?

After checkout, you will receive a booking confirmation and an invoice via mail. This will only be sent to the person who made the booking.

Do I get a confirmation for my payment?

You will not receive a separate confirmation of your deposit/total payment/residual payment. We only remind those guests of the outstanding payments who have not paid their booking on time or in full as agreed. We accept the payment methods indicated at the time of booking via credit card or bank transfer.

Do I have to pay attention to anything when transferring money abroad?

Please note that if you transfer money abroad, any fees charged by the banks may not reduce the price of the trip. We do not bear these costs. We recommend always paying in EURO to avoid excessive exchange rate fluctuations or further fees.

How can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel you booking at any time. Please send a mail to info@host-events.de. The date of cancellation is decisive for the cancellation fees charged in accordance with our agreement. Please be sure to read the cancellation policy in our General Terms and Conditions.

How can I change my booking?

Please send us your change request by mail only. We will check whether your request can be implemented and then carry it out. It may happen that we have to cancel your booking and set it up again.

I have booked with start number. What's next?

After successful booking of a complete package including one or more start numbers, you will receive one or more voucher codes from us, which you can use to register yourself and your partner for the event on the organiser's website. Here you can book further services of the organiser.

Is travel cancellation insurance included in the price?

No, the package price does not include travel cancellation insurance or travel interruption insurance.
If you cancel your trip before departure, you may incur cancellation costs according to our general
travel conditions.

Overnight stay | Shuttle | Luggage service

What is included my package?

Our offered package categories include overnight stays including breakfast and all local taxes (+ start numbers, if booked). The first overnight stay is on the day before the start, the last overnight stay on the evening of the finish.

How can I add extra nights?

During the booking process, you have the option to book additional nights before or after the event that are not included in the package. Any extra options that may be required can be requested by email or phone.

Where is the difference between silver and gold?

The silver package includes a medium standard of accommodation in a 2-star to 3-star accommodation of the respective country category (hotel, inn or apartment). The gold package includes a high-quality standard of a 3-star superior to 4-star hotel of the respective country category. If no suitable accommodation can be found in the immediate vicinity of the start/finish, the premium factor here is to be accommodated closer to the start/finish in a medium, standard accommodation.

Am I always close to start/finish?

No, the category of the booked package (gold or silver) does not determine the distance of the accommodation to the start and finish. When allocating guests to the corresponding hotels, in addition to the "first come, first served" principle (booking date), the quality of the accommodation offered is determined by the distance to the start and finish. Early bookings increase the chances of being accommodated closer to the finish area, but do not guarantee this.

Why are there available rooms a week before start in town closer than mine?

Some stage locations do not have the capacity for such a large field of participants or are additionally limited by parallel events. Often the holiday and travel season is responsible for the fact that accommodations cannot or do not want to provide short-term stays (often only one night). As a result, rooms that are only available at short notice are put on sale. We at HOST secure the required rooms well in advance to prepare the event in the best possible way. As a result, accommodation may have to be booked in neighbouring towns. We also constantly secure rooms that become available at short notice.

When do we have to use a shuttle?

There is no general answer to this question. Shuttle trips are sometimes unavoidable depending on local circumstances. The shuttle buses and times are organised by the organiser, the tourist office and us. Of course, we will do our best to spare you longer distances.

Where do I find shuttle information?

We are clearly visible at each destination with our own service team. You can find out the respective departure times and locations at our information stand on site, via Instagram/Facebook or by newsletter.

How does the luggage transport work?

The luggage transport starts with the handover to the bag team before the start. From then on, the bag will be taken to the accommodation and picked up again in the morning. In exceptional cases, the bag must be taken onto the shuttle bus independently.

Travel plan | Breakfast | Dinner | Others

Where do I find my travel plan?

If your booking has been paid in full, you will automatically receive your own travel plan link by mail. Here you enter the name of your potential team partner, your start number (if known) and you can assign a group name. Identical group names help us to assign you to the same accommodation with another team.
If you need the link again, please send us a short mail to info@host-events.de and we will send you your link again.

The start is very early. Do I get breakfast?

Breakfast times are agreed individually with each accommodation. In some cases, the accommodation may have to provide lunch packages. We recommend that you agree the breakfast times or the provision lunch packages directly at check-in.

Can I get dinner in hotel?

If you would like to have dinner at the hotel, we recommend that you arrange this in advance. In some cases, the seats in the restaurants are limited, so that a reservation is necessary. All other services used by you, such as minibar, wellness, telephone, parking, consumption in the hotel restaurant, etc., are to be paid by you directly at the hotel.

Are there separate beds in rooms?

We cannot guarantee separate beds in every accommodation. We always express our wish for separate beds.

Can I take my children or my dog with me?

Special requirements for bringing pets and family members (e.g. for cots) or for allergies etc. please arrange directly with the hotels.

Do they provide laundry service?

We cannot guarantee this. Usually, the organiser offers a laundry service directly on site. In individual cases also accommodation. The costs for this are to be borne by the participants themselves.

Single rooms are sold out. Is there another option?

You can share a double room package with a room partner from our room partner exchange. You can find a room partner this way: Simply enter your details on our room partner exchange on our website and we will put you in touch with a potential candidate, if available.

How can I reach you in case of emergency?

If you have important questions about accommodation or how the shuttle buses are running, we will provide you with contact details via our ongoing newsletter so that you can reach us during the event.





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