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Booking / Cancellation

▶ Bookingmask

Please fill in your booking with all informations.

If you wish the booking/invoice to be made/issued in the name of your company, fill in the fields provided for this purpose. Be sure to enter the correct name and address of the company in the fields provided. A subsequent change after booking is unfortunately no longer possible free of charge!

▶ Bookingconfirmation, payment and fees

You will receive a booking confirmation from us after your binding booking. This will only be sent to the person who made the booking. All further information, such as your hotel list, will be made available to you approx. 4-8 weeks before the event. We provide this information always quite late, because we are always trying to find even better solutions for you in terms of destination proximity and hotel quality.

You will not receive a separate confirmation of receipt of your deposit/total payment/residual payment from us. We only remind those guests of the outstanding payments who have not paid your booking on time or in full as agreed. We accept the payment methods shown on the booking screen via credit cards, smart pay or bank transfer.

Please note that any fees charged by the banks may not reduce the price of the trip. We do not cover these costs. Please always pay in Euro to avoid too big exchange rate fluctuations or further fees. Should the agreed travel price not be received in full by the agreed date, we reserve the right to cancel the trip and transfer back the money already paid minus any bank charges and agreed cancellation fees.

▶ Cancellation, rebookings and name change

You can cancel your booking at any time. Please send us the cancellation request exclusively via the contact form.

The date of cancellation is decisive for the charged cancellation fees according to our agreement. Please be sure to refer to the cancellation policy in our terms and conditions.

In case of cancellation of complete packages, which include the start authorization of the organizer, the cancellation conditions of the Host GmbH.

You want to change the already booked category? Please use our contact form for this. If a rebooking is still possible, we charge a fee of 50 euros per package for this process when downgrading the category. An upgrade to a higher category is free of charge.

A change of participant names we must have at least 2 weeks before the event. Please use our contact form completely and enter the exact dates of your wish. We will give the hotels the names of the arriving guests only about 1 week before the event. If you want to contact the hotels beforehand to arrange special services, please refer to the name of the group "Host".

▶ All-in-on package including start number

After successful booking of a complete package including a race number of the organizer there are, depending on the event, 2 possibilities to get your race number(s):

1. We will send you a voucher code or store it in your customer area, which you can use to register for the event on the organizer's website.

2. Or we will send you the start numbers including your registration confirmation or store them in your personal customer area.

Please note that the entry fees charged by the organizer are already included in the price of our total packages. So you have to transfer the total amount to HOST GmbH, we pay the organizer. (as shown in the invoice).

▶ Travel cancellation insurance and travel insurance certificate

You will receive a travel insurance certificate for each booked package. This secures your deposits through our partner, the R+V insurance.

The package price does not include travel cancellation insurance (RRV) or travel interruption insurance. If you cancel your trip before departure, you may incur cancellation costs according to our general travel conditions. In case of travel interruption, additional return travel and other additional costs may arise. Therefore, we recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance or travel interruption insurance. You can take out this insurance with an insurer of your choice or with our partner Allianz Versicherung.

Under the following link you can buy an insurance for your package there: Unfortunately, this only applies to participants with German residence!

Allianz - Reiserücktrittsversicherung

In case of cancellation due to a pandemic, we are subject to the legal regulations in force in Germany at the time of cancellation.


▶ Distance to start/finish, shuttle and luggage service

The category of the booked package (Premium or Basic) does not determine the distance from the accommodation to the start and finish. When assigning guests to the appropriate hotels, in addition to the "first come, first served" principle (booking date), the quality of the accommodation offered will determine the distance to the start and finish. Early bookings increase the chances of being accommodated closer to the finish area, but do not guarantee it.

Some stage locations do not even have the necessary capacity for such a large field of participants or are additionally limited by parallel events. Often the vacation and travel season is also responsible for the fact that the landlords can not or do not want to provide short-term accommodation (often only one night). Shuttle trips are accordingly sometimes unavoidable. We organize these ourselves or together with the organizer or the local tourist board. We are of course anxious to save you longer distances.

If the local conditions require it, we will organize a shuttle service for you together with the local tourism association or the organizer. You can find out the respective departure times and locations at our information stand on site. We are represented at each destination with a clearly visible service team.

▶ Overnight stays in double room or single room

The packages we offer are single room or double room packages. They differ in the standard of the booked accommodation and thus in the price. You choose between a simple to medium standard of accommodation (hotel or guesthouse in the basic package) or an upscale hotel standard (premium package).

Our packages always include a total offer of overnight stays including individual services specifically listed in the respective package (shuttle, luggage service, etc.) Unfortunately, it is not possible to book overnight stays only in selected individual stage locations.

Due to the situation in the destinations, only very limited contingents are available for single rooms. Should this limit be exhausted, we will gladly accept your booking request personally. Please contact us exclusively via our contact form. If we can offer you a single room, we will contact you by e-mail. A deposit is not required until then. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a single room until we have made your booking.

▶ Overnight period and extra nights

Our offered package categories include overnight stays including breakfast and all local taxes. The first overnight stay is on the day before the start, the last overnight stay is on the evening of the finish.

You have the possibility in the booking process to book additional nights before or after the event, which are not included in the package. All extra options that are additionally incurred, can be requested by mail or via phone.

▶ Travel plan and accommodation news

If your order has been paid, you will receive your own individual travel plan by mail, where you can add teampartners and a group name for different bookings. The group name is important if you want to stay in same accommodation as other teams.

If you need the link once again, please contact us via mail info@host-events.de.


▶ special requests to the hotel, special servicesn

If you have special wishes and requirements, e.g. the overnight stay with certain other people in the same hotel, please use our contact form and we will help within our possibilities. However, we can not give a guarantee for every place.

Special requirements for allergies, for bringing pets and family members (e.g. for cribs) etc. please arrange directly with the hotels on site. You can do this as soon as you have been provided with your personal hotel list.

If you would like to shorten your trip or not stay at the hotel during the event, this will not affect the package price. Unfortunately, we cannot fulfill special requests in this regard. It is also not possible to book overnight stays in only individual stage locations through us.

As booked by you, our package includes only the overnight charges including breakfast and any applicable local tax.

All other services used by you, such as minibar, wellness, telephone, parking, consumption in the hotel restaurant, etc. are to be paid by you directly at the hotel. In case of non-payment, we will charge you the additional costs plus a handling fee of 50 Euro per transaction.

Please allow sufficient time in the morning at each check-out to settle any additional hotel charges that may have been incurred.

▶ Room partner exchange

Are you looking for a suitable room partner? Then please have a look at the possible partner exchange on the organizer's website, if available. There you can possibly create a short profile and search for a suitable room partner.