Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy (Excerpt from general travel conditions of Host Events GmbH Berlin)

date 22nd September 2023

§ 4 Cancellation of the Traveler prior to the Travel Services, Non-Appearance, Replacement
(1) Cancellation
The Traveler shall be entitled to cancel the Travel Agreement at any time prior to the commencement of Travel Services(“Cancellation”). In case of Cancellation or if the Traveler does not even commence using the Travel Services (“Non-Appearance”), the Traveler shall be relieved from its obligation to pay the Travel Price. Instead, the Travel Operator shall be entitled to a reasonable compensation for the travel arrangements made prior to the Cancellation/Non-Appearance and the expenses incurred depending on the respective Travel Price.

The Travel Operator’s compensation shall be a lump-sum taking into consideration saved expenditures and possible alternative uses. The amount of compensation is stipulated under § 4 (2) of the Travel Conditions. The Traveler reserves the right to prove that the Travel Operator did not incur any loss or that the loss was substantially less than claimed by the Travel Operator.

Travel Operator reserves the right, by way of deviation from the listed lump-sum, to claim a higher, specific compensation, in case he is able to prove substantially higher expenditures than the applicable lump-sum. In the event that Travel Operator exercises his right to claim a higher amount of compensation, he shall be obliged to set out details relating to his claim and to provide documentary evidence for the same.

(2) Compensation in the event of a Cancellation/Non-Appearance
In the event of a Cancellation/Non-Appearance by the Traveler according to § 4 (1) of the Travel Conditions above, the Traveler shall pay the following lump-sum compensation:

until 24 weeks before day of arrival: 10% of the Travel Price
until 12 weeks before day of arrival: 20% of the Travel Price
until 6 weeks before day of arrival: 50% of the Travel price

Within 6 weeks before day of arrival the tour operator will refund 10% of the tour price to the traveller.

From day of official arrival, any claim for compensation on the part of the traveller against the tour operator shall lapse in the event of cancellation.

(3) Replacement of participants
The right of the Traveler to replace participants in accordance with § 651 b BGB, remains unaffected by the provisions above.

We at HOST recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance at all times.

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